Inspired by news stories, a disturbing psychological thriller that reveals progressively, through flashbacks with strong images of sex and violence, some terrible realities. Who is the unknown woman who arrived near Trieste and was hired as a nanny by a family of goldsmiths? She is Irena, a Ukrainian woman with a history of abuse in search of a new life, but her intentions are not innocent.

La sconosciuta

Irena is a former prostitute of Ukrainian origin who wants to completely change her life. When she arrives in Velarchi, a town near Trieste, she looks for work in an elegant residential complex. The concierge helps her get a job as a cleaning lady. Here, the attention of the woman is captured by a family of well-known goldsmiths and she hopes to find employment with them, Valeria and Donato Adacher and their daughter, Thea. Irena seems to be willing to do anything, and after Gina, the little girl’s nanny, is seriously injured, Irena is eager to replace her. When she enters the Adacher family home, memories of her past begin to creep up of her time as a prostitute with the abusive pimp, Muffa, and clues as to why she chose to leave. Sometimes a life is not enough to overcome all the pain that you have inside; sometimes you think you have closed the accounts with the past but the past has not closed them with you. A chain reaction begins and death and violence seem to leave no room for hope. Tornatore’s award-winning masterpiece, with a great cast. Some flashing lights sequences or patterns may affect photosensitive viewers.

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