Travel writer Sylvain Tesson returns to Voyage to share his latest sidecar adventure on the borders of Russia and Mongolia.

Frozen Ride

Travel writer Sylvain Tesson invites us on his latest adventure. With his unique feeling for words, he shares his emotions and thoughts against a stunning backdrop. Heading off with a group of friends in sidecars for the frozen Lake Khovsgol on the border of Russia and Mongolia, Clément Gargoullaud follows them with his camera to film this poetic adventure. On the borders of Mongolian Siberia and the Sayan mountains, when Lake Khovsghol freezes, it is transformed into a road for the few inhabitants who still live on its shores. The fate of men meets the freezing cold on the crisp and snowy ice. Some head south to fetch hay for their animals. Others follow the wolves west. Sylvain Tesson introduces us to these simple people, who are distanced from the ways of the world. A journey of utter impermanence, which would leave no trace but for these words and a few images.

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