It's summer – and that means winning the last volleyball match before the school holidays. But Inken and her two best friends, Victoria and Lena, have other problems. Everyone else in the world seems to find it so easy, but it’s causing the three girls no end of trouble. How can they finally have an orgasm?

Mädchen, Mädchen!

Three friends – one problem. They are desperate for that elusive first orgasm, while other girls, including the beautiful Chayenne, seem to be experts in the art of love. At a volleyball match, Inken, Victoria and Lena listen with embarrassment as Chayenne boasts about her multiple orgasms. It’s about time the three of them took the search for utter bliss seriously. Inken, Victoria and Lena know one thing for sure: orgasms release happy hormones, making them the ultimate key to success. But how do you reach a climax when your boyfriend only thinks about himself and couldn’t care less about women’s needs? Inken decides to break up with Tim and places a personal ad. Victoria engages in some online flirting, and Lena falls madly in love with Nick, who all the girls have a crush on. A whirlwind summer is about to begin…

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