A reporter and her camera man are doing a report at a fire station to learn about the profession and its risks. What seemed like a rescue is going to turn into a real hell. Trapped inside a building, the firefighters and the TV crew will have to face something sinister. You have to hide and try to escape. And keep recording ... Until the last moment.


Angela is a young reporter for a local TV channel who goes around with her cameraman in search of different collectives of people. Tonight, they cover the local firemen and she secretly hopes for an opportunity to capture the story of a great fire. It’s just the beginning of a long nightmare and an uniquely dramatic report never seen before on TV. The building has been quarantined. Apparently, a strange virus has spread inside the building. Angela and her cameraman finally have the opportunity of a lifetime to cover the most important report of their careers… but, what price will they have to pay in order to record it all on camera? Some flashing lights sequences or patterns may affect photosensitive viewers.

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