Laughter galore with Zalone's third film directed by Nunziante. "If you pass with flying colours, Daddy will give you a dream holiday." This is the promise that Checco, a penniless and lying vacuum cleaner salesman dumped by his wife, makes to his son Nicolò, who brings home the perfect report card. But without a penny in his pocket, how can he do it? Optimistic and exploitative, he will get by.

Sole a catinelle

"In the last 6 months your turnover has dropped by 87.8%. Have you run out of enthusiasm? No, I've run out of relatives." In Italy, in the midst of a financial crisis, Checco is a vacuum cleaner salesman who has been successful in selling the product to his many relatives. But having run out of relatives and having been left by his wife, who works as a factory worker in a company that is in danger of closing down, he leaves for a holiday he had promised his son Nicolò, without a penny in his pocket. So begins a hilarious journey, first stop Molise, guest of an old aunt to whom he tries to sell some hoovers with little result. But nothing stops incurable optimist Checco, who gets back in the car and by chance runs into the beautiful French woman Zoé and her son Lorenzo, suffering from selective mutism. Thanks to his irreverence, Checco wins the woman's sympathy and Nicolò becomes great friends with Lorenzo, who has started talking again. Zoé decides to invite them to the luxurious villa where her mother lives with her partner and with whom, unbeknownst to her, she is involved in "suspicious" financial activities with companies based in tax havens. The holidays continue amidst parties and magical days and Checco, who naturally takes advantage of the situation, also manages to get the beautiful Frenchwoman out of trouble. In a sparkling happy ending, Checco returns home with Nicolò, re-embraces his wife and starts a new job.

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