In this comedy of love triangles, hypocrisy and weakness of the flesh, two brothers-in-law, Saverio and Filippo, run the wives’ religious travel agency. Filippo takes a fancy to the sensual Alice and is kicked out by his wife. Further complications arise when Saverio ends up falling in love with the same woman.

Stasera a casa di Alice

Saverio and Filippo are brothers-in-law and work at the religious travel agency, "Urbi et Orbi," owned by their wives. Saverio is a serious man, loyal to his work and a faithful husband. Filippo is in full marital crisis and feels a strong attraction for Alice, a young and charming actress. For a living and to help support her depressed sister Valentina, Alice is also a porn voice actress. Filippo is so madly in love with her that he allows her to move into the agency warehouse. His wife finds out about the affair and throws him out. Saverio, to save the day, persuades him to come back home by falsely claiming that his wife and her daughter have attempted suicide making him feel terribly guilty for causing so much pain in his family. At once Saverio asks Alice not to look for her brother-in-law anymore but, when he meets her, he too falls in love with her and begins to go to her house regularly, always partying. Filippo discovers Saverio’s duplicity and everything gets complicated. Disagreements arise between the two and despite going to see her every other day they are jealous of each other. In the end they are both left in the cold with unrequited feelings and Alice leaves the city because her sister has committed suicide. Some flashing lights sequences or patterns may affect photosensitive viewers.

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