“I’ve been told that you help people get what they want." “Let’s say I offer possibilities." Eight stories intertwine in a dramatic crescendo to plumb the depths of the human soul. A man sitting at a diner makes wishes come true in exchange for a task that goes against all moral principles. Genovese directs an all-star ensemble cast including Mastandrea, Giallini, Ferilli and Papaleo.

The Place

“Why do you ask such horrible things?” “Because there are people willing to do them." Paolo Genovese directs the film adaptation of the US television series “The Booth at the End," shot in a diner where a mysterious man always sits at the same table, ready to grant the wishes of eight visitors who take turns in front of him. In return, each of them has to perform a task involving difficult ethical choices. What would we do in their place? The protagonists’ stories intertwine, leading them to both help and hurt each other. There is something terrible in all of us, and those who do not have to discover it are very lucky. Some flashing lights sequences or patterns may affect photosensitive viewers.

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