Frank Castle goes after the drug lord responsible for his families death. When his operation fails, he is forced to come to the realization that his old partner is part of the corrupt drug circle.

The Punisher

Frank Castle is a police officer whose family was murdered by a car bomb planted by the Mob. Since many believed he died in the explosion, Castle had to disappear from view. He created his own living quarters in the sewer beneath the streets of town and avenged his family’s death by killing 125 criminals over the next five years. Castle’s former partner, Jake Berkowitz, believes Castle is alive and is in fact the motorcycle-riding avenger who has been nicknamed THE PUNISHER. In the meantime, Castle has single-handedly weakened organized crime in his city, thereby making vulnerable the man responsible for the Castle family hit: Gianni Franco. When Franco’s innocent son is kidnapped by a rival mob, the Japanese Yakuza, Castle finds himself in the ironic position of helping a man he’d like to kill.

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