Investigative journalist Rommy Kirchhoff, together with his son Max, searches for the missing lobbyist Paul Holthaus, who negotiated several times in Cape Town on behalf of Lilian Norgren for her agricultural group Norgreen Life.

Deadly Leaks 2

Where is Paul Holthaus? Investigative journalist Rommy Kirchhoff (Nina Kunzendorf) and his son Max (Leonard Scheicher) are looking for the missing lobbyist Paul Holthaus (Oliver Masucci), who has negotiated several times in Cape Town on behalf of Lilian Norgren (Katja Riemann) for her agricultural company Norgreen Life. Norgren makes it clear to Rommy that the search for the whistleblower is unwanted and that she is putting herself and the boy in danger. Rommy's former boss and friend Karin Berger (Anke Engelke) now wants to find out with her where Lilian has taken Holthaus and why he has disappeared. What scandal is hiding behind the pesticide Pancosal from Norgreen Life? It is finally Lilian's greatest adversary, the Internet giant Larry Jordan (Francis Couler), who leads the two journalists on the right track: In the Congo, Berlin doctor Dr. Schwarz (Benjamin Sadler) has developed a drug to treat a form of liver cancer that is increasingly associated with the pesticide Pancosal. Larry Jordan and Lilian Norgren fight bitterly over Schwarz's patent, which promises a deal of the century. Rommy sets off for the Congo, where the drug is being tested, while Karin Berger and Max find a trail that leads to Holthaus. Some flashing lights sequences or patterns may affect photosensitive viewers.

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