Produced by Sergio Leone with Ennio Morricone’s music, Carlo Verdone makes his award-winning directorial debut and performances in this comedy with three intertwined stories set in Rome on a hot summer. He plays Enzo, a bully, Ruggero, a hippy, and Leo, a gawky young man.

Un sacco bello

Enzo is the classic bully, with tight jeans, open shirt on the chest, pendant at the neck and passion for music. With his bold sports car, he seeks company for a trip to Krakow. He finds Sergio, a less motivated acquaintance who falls ill during the trip spent undergoing the stories of incredible erotic adventures. Enzo takes him to the hospital but he needs to replace him with whoever. So he starts calling until he convinces a new travel companion recovered by memories of the army service. Ruggero has left home and family to start a hippie commune. After a couple of years his father convinces him to return home. He hopes to get him back on track involving Don Alfio, the cousin Anselmo and a wacky professor. Leo is a very clumsy young man, dominated by an intrusive mother who watches over his friendships. One day he meets the beautiful Marisol, a Spanish tourist in a sentimental crisis.The occasion could be the young man's first adventure, but the unexpected reappearance of Marisol's boyfriend makes his illusions vanish. Some flashing lights sequences or patterns may affect photosensitive viewers.

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