A Comedy in episodes about three wed couples. An exploding wedding cake spoils the difficulties between the spouses. Verdone is an obsessive doctor who leads his wife Pivetti to suicide; then a trasgressive man, with the mantra “let’s make it strange”, who has all types of sex with Gerini until boredom sets in. Lastly he plays the good guy John, who will give up the honeymoon because of relatives.

Viaggi di nozze

Widower Raniero Cotti Borroni, baron of medicine obsessed with work, marries the young and fragile Fosca, grateful for having treated her sick mother. During the honeymoon, she realizes she has made a great mistake. Raniero is oppressive and manic, so much so it leads to Fosca’s to suicide. The woman throws herself from the balcony of the hotel room in Venice, just like his first wife five years earlier. The pure Giovanni marries the eternal fiancèe Valeriana. The two are about to embark on a cruise in the Mediterranean sea but, just before setting sail, Giovanni has to leave Valeriana and return to Rome to help his elderly father Adelmo; also Valeriana has to come back because of troubles with her sister. Their journey vanishes but they don’t lose heart and reschedule a trip to the Caribbean for the following Christmas. Ivano, a boor young man from a growriched family, marries Jessica, her exact female copy. After a transgressive ceremony, they leave for a trip and have sex in extreme situations. Between the two the crisis is rising: boredom has taken over, even the strangest thing has already been tested.

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