After a hit-and-run accident, Samantha Newly wakes from an eight-day coma with retrograde amnesia. As she discovers the details of her past, she decides to make more positive choices in life.

Samantha Who

After a mysterious hit-and-run accident, Samantha Newly (Christina Applegate) emerges from an eight-day coma with retrograde amnesia. She’s a fully functioning adult, but remembers nothing about her past. She doesn’t recognize her supposedly devoted parents, Regina (Jean Smart) and Howard (Kevin Dunn), her friend Dena (Melissa McCarthy), or her boyfriend Todd (Barry Watson). She also doesn’t know that she is a recovering, debt-riddled alcoholic who hasn’t spoken to her parents in two years, or Dena since the 7th grade. She doesn’t remember that she had just broken up with Todd before the accident. As Samantha begins to discover distressing details about her past, she is determined to make positive choices instead. Throughout the series we will see Samantha piece together the puzzle of her life and put herself back together with a sense of humor, determination and a new-found humanity.

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