Two years after her sister Liliana disappeared without a trace, Mariana receives painful closure when her body is finally discovered. Mariana’s pain empowers her to embark on a tireless mission to learn the truth about what happened to Liliana – a decision that will open her eyes to despicable statistics of a country unable to stem the brutal violence against women.

Not My Fault: Mexico

In this Mexican drama, Mariana faces the most painful ordeal of her life when her 19-year-old sister Liliana vanishes without a trace. Two years later, Liliana’s body is found, sending Mariana on a mission to find out who killed Liliana and what happened to her during the years she was missing. In her search for the truth, Mariana discovers that Liliana is just another statistic in a country where violence against women is a national health crisis – empowering Mariana to help other women as a way to honor the life that was stolen from Liliana.

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