This drama depicts a group of friends in their 30s as they grow, share relationship problems and comfort one another. It is for 30-year olds in Korea who are just getting by.

Be Melodramatic

Byeong-Heon Lee makes his television debut in a “gossip blockbuster” that depicts the stress, love lives and daily lives of three 30-year-old best friends. Lim Jin Joo is a rookie drama writer who dreams of making it big and living large. Lee Eun Jung is a director who got rich quick unexpectedly with her low-budget documentary. Hwang Han Joo is a hotshot marketing VP and a single mother to a little boy and her days are filled with drama. When Eun Jung has a mental breakdown after losing her boyfriend, her best friends Jin Joo and Han Joo move into her house and they never left since and as if their lives weren’t busy enough, two men enter into the three friends’ lives. Son Beom Soo, a drama producer known for his artistic prowess and eccentric personality and Chu Jae Hoon, a new employee in Han Joo's marketing team who has more going on underneath his naive-looking surface. They all thought that 30 would be the magic number, the age where they turn into full-fledged adults but in reality they feel less ready than ever. They thought that by now they would have their love lives all figured out but they’re still stumbling and struggling through love. Amongst this group of ordinary friends, extraordinarily sweet stories of love and friendship start to blossom.

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