After being fired from men's college basketball, a coach has to take a job at an elite private school. He soon learns that the players need empathy and care: foreign concepts for the stoic Coach Korn (John Stamos). By learning to connect with them, Marvyn starts to grow into the person he always hoped to be. The players learn to take a new approach, finding their feet both on and off the court.

Big Shot

After getting fired from his job in men's college basketball for an outburst, a coach must take a job at an elite private high school, in an effort to redeem what’s left of his career and reputation. At first, Coach Marvyn Korn sees the Westbrook players as a mere pitstop on his road back to the big games. At the same time, the players don’t take themselves seriously as a team. The unemotional and stoic Marvyn Korn soon learns that teenagers are complicated human beings who require more than just tough love and training twice a day — they need real mentorship and genuine care. By discovering how to connect with his players and by cultivating more empathy and vulnerability, Coach Korn starts to grow into the man he’s always secretly hoped to be… and the father he never had. Meanwhile, the players learn to take themselves more seriously, rising to Marvyn’s standards of excellence and finding their footing both on and off the court.

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