Neda Rahmanian, aka Branka Marić, has a puzzling case on her hands in ‘Der Mädchenmörder von Krač’.' Several teenage girls are murdered in the mountainous hinterland of Dalmatia, and the clues just don't add up.

Der Kroatien-Krimi: Der Mädchenmörder von Krac

Inspector Branka Marić and her colleague Emil Perica head to the Dalmatian hinterland to investigate the murder of 18-year-old Eva Tomić. The residents of the remote mountain town of Krać see a connection between this incident and the unsolved murder of a girl the previous year. But Branka sees few similarities apart from where the body was found; this time, the girl wasn’t raped and her body was laid out with almost loving care. Assuming it was a tragic accident, the inspector sets her sights on the teenager’s milieu. But she soon realizes that Eva’s best friend Darka is lying and that the victim had a secret boyfriend, who was the last person to see her. The dysfunctional Tomić family also gives her something to go on: the father Anko drinks, the mother Katarina is helpless, and Eva’s younger sister Sonja will do anything to get away. Branka’s investigations are hampered still further by Ivan Bago, the autocratic and chauvinistic inspector of the neighboring county of Sibenik. When another murder is committed that officially falls under the jurisdiction of Bago’s murder squad in Sibenik, Branka needs the support of her colleagues Emil and Borko. Determined to solve the case, which she assumes is connected with the first girl’s murder, and show Bago, the fearless inspector follows a lead Bago has ignored and risks everything by going it alone.

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