Ahn Goong-chul lives a successful life as a husband, father, and director of a food franchise company. Suddenly, he and his wife are accused of murder. As they start suspecting each other, their trust in each other begin to slowly crumble. As shocking incidents and truths are revealed, he strives to protect his family.

Graceful Friends

In 1999, an accident happened, in which a professor of a famous college was found dead in his office. In 2019, a young golf instructor was found dead in the bathtub at his home. However, surprisingly, 4 suspects in the murder case 20 years ago are now the prime suspects in a similar murder case. Who committed the murder and for what purpose? Could it have been Gung-cheol who became furious after he received his wife’s naked photo? Could it have been Jae-hun who was trying to protect his friend’s wife? Could it have been Hyung-woo who was caught having an affair with a young woman? Or could it have been Chun-bok who out his female friend’s relationships? As the mystery of an unsolved murder case unravels, the secrets and lies holding them together breaks them apart.

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