Due to her family background, Hua Buqi is hunted by the goons sent by the Seventh Prince. The chivalrous Chen Yu saves her, and she falls in love with him at first sight. However, Chen Yu turns out to be the only son of the Seventh Prince. Meanwhile, in her possession is the Sacred Object that can change the destiny of the oppressive world. How will Hua Buqi save her love life and the world?

I Will Never Let You Go

During the Great Wei Dynasty on the Diqiu Continent, legend has it that a huge amount of treasure is hidden at the mysterious Biluotian and whoever gets the treasure will be able to dominate the world. Only the Divine Maiden of Biluotian can use the Sacred Object to open the treasure. As such, the Divine Maiden is coveted by all prominent and powerful parties. She is eventually killed by the Seventh Prince. Her daughter, Hua Buqi, is as clever as she is gracious. She hides herself among the common people with her Uncle Jiu, Zhu Jiuhua, and both live like travelling beggars. Before long, the Seventh Prince and the Mingyue Villa both send people to hunt them down. Before he dies, Uncle Jiu asks Hua Buqi, who’s unaware of all this, to seek Mr. Zhu in the Capital City. On her journey, she is saved by the mysterious yet chivalrous masked hero known as Lianyi Ke. Hua Buqi has always admired Lianyi Ke, and now she simply falls in love with him at first sight. After she’s got to the Capital City, Hua Buqi becomes the Seventh Prince’s goddaughter. Clever as she is, Hua Buqi finds out that the Seventh Prince is actually the culprit for her father’s murder. Now known as Zhu Zhu, Hua Buqi starts to show her extraordinary talent in doing business. With intelligence, wisdom and perseverance, she turns the Zhu family into the wealthiest family in Jiangnan. But one thing that Hua Buqi could never have foreseen is that the mysterious yet chivalrous hero, Lianyi Ke, turns out to be Chen Yu, the only son of the Seventh Prince. Although they love each other, they are destined not to be lovers. It is heartbreaking for her.

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