When Julián arrives at the Jungle Nest, his uncle Max's hotel in the Jungle, he starts an amazing adventure with his new friends Oso, Rocco and Gala. Together, they will have to defend the Jungle Nest against Montalbán, the local mayor, who has an evil plan to demolish the whole place to make room for a luxurious hotel and casino resort.

Jungle Nest

Julián is a 17-year-old boy. After not seeing his uncle Max for quite some time, Julián travels to the jungle to spend the summer at Max's eccentric eco-hotel, the Jungle Nest, literally built amidst the trunks and crowns of the Zapuacán jungle trees. There he meets Oso and Rocco, two young boys who are also spending their holidays there, and Gala, a young girl with a shopping addiction who has been sent there by her parents on a "de-tox" trip. But what these kids don't know is that this paradise is about to become the setting of a ruthless battle. Max is out on an expedition, so Julián finds himself having to assume the management of the hotel. Together with his new friends, he'll have to defend the Jungle Nest against an obscure plot devised by Montalbán, the local mayor. His plans include destroying the Jungle Nest in order to make room for a mega-luxury hotel and casino resort. Julián will have to prove he's a natural leader and lead his brand new team in order to satisfy the extravagant demands of their guests. Will this group of teenagers be able to face the Jungle Nest's everyday challenges and stop Montalbán's evil plans?

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