Earl has taken one too many wrong turns on the highway of life. However, a twist of fate turns his life into a life-renewing tailspin. When a car hits Earl – immediately after he won the lottery – he has an epiphany and begins to question Karma. From that moment on he becomes determined to right all the wrongs from his past.

My Name is Earl

My Name Is Earl centers on a small-town redneck and petty crook, Earl Hickey, who wins $100,000 in the local lottery. As he prepared to celebrate his good fortune, Earl was hit by a car, and lost the lottery ticket in the process. Reviving from this double catastrophe, Earl awakened to see TV personality Carson Daly waxing poetic about "Karma" on a talk show. Instantly, Earl experienced an epiphany, convincing himself that he could replicate his good luck of a few hours previous by helping out a deserving soul each week -- and, in so doing, he would make up for the many sins (258 by his own count!) that he had committed in his lifetime. Assisting Earl on his do-gooding mission was his brother, Randy, while throwing the occasional roadblock in his path was Earl's trailer-trash former wife, Joy (Jaime Pressley).

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