How do the wives of the richest families in Korea, those who have wealth, honor, and power, prepare for university entrance exams? We see their desperate struggles as they try to create the next generation of lawyers and doctors. This is a comical, satirical drama that thoroughly looks into the social desires of Korean families.

Sky Castle

Sky Castle: The name of the luxury private town where wealthy doctors and professors live. It was built by the first president of Joo Nam university, which is the best university in Korea. Most of the residents are doctors and law school professors of the university. The drama describes all the ins and outs of how the noblewomen make their children enter the top university. It is a comic satirical drama that closely looks behind the scenes at the materialistic desires of the top upper class parents in Korea, who vigorously push forward their plans to make their family a succession of doctors and lawyers, from father to son.

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