A condemned criminal and the detective who arrested him are at a stand-off. With the execution date approaching, new evidence emerges. One can hate the crime but not the human. People cannot be judged or defined by their crimes. Kang Do-chang, a veteran detective, meets Oh Ji-hyeok, a cold-hearted detective. As they seek the truth together, the drama of the police world unfolds.

The Good Detective

Shush! Silence that lasted for eight years and the ugly truth slowly reveals...All accomplices! The criminal who murdered college student and detective. The detective who arrested him without a doubt. The evidence that proves the criminal was not the real offender. And the fast approaching death sentenced execution. Between those who want to get to the truth and those who want to cover it up, a breathless confrontation. As soon as the true criminal takes off his heavy mask and shows his face, the retrial is dismissed and a man accused for a false charge is executed.

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