Former soap opera heartthrob Fabián Delmar lives his life in near oblivion after his heyday in the 90s as the lead role in the series “Serás Mía.” When Delmar — spurred on by a midlife crisis and the constant degradations of his twilight — sets out to make things right with the regrettable parts of his past, he struggles to find his footing in the modern world.

The Heartthrob: TV Changed, He Didn’t

Fabián Delmar was a soap opera hunk back in the early ‘90s, celebrated for his lead role on the series “Serás Mía.” Thirty years after his heyday, his fame has all but disappeared and only a few diehard fans remember him. Delmar is struggling to find his place in a vastly different world than the one that once extolled him. Through wry and sarcastic humor, “The Heartthrob: TV Changed, He Didn’t” will relate the ludicrous misfortunes of a character who is going against the grain and against the clock.

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