"Find Me in Paris" follows Lena Grisky, a Russian Princess and student at Paris Opera Ballet School. Lena has always impressed her teachers with her refined style, but in this competitive program, Lena’s got to keep honing skills. Such is the life of a student of the elite world of Ballet, but there's nothing typical about Lena. After falling through a portal in 1905, and time traveling to the future, she has been doing her best to blend in while she waits for help to come bring her home.

Find Me in Paris

"Find Me in Paris" follows Lena Grisky, a Russian Princess and student at the world-famous Paris Opera Ballet School. A once in a generation talent, Lena continues to impress her fellow students and teachers with her classically refined style. But in this competitive program, Lena’s got to keep honing her pointes and mastering her lifts if she hopes to make company someday. Such is the life of a typical student of the elite world of Ballet, but there’s nothing typical about Lena. Originally from 1905, Lena begins her journey when she accidentally runs through a portal that launches her into the year 2018. There she finds no time to adjust, as she must blend in quickly if she hopes to maintain her secret and hide from the dangerous Time Collectors. And there's an overwhelming amount of information to grasp. Luckily she meets Ines, a polar opposite of Edwardian-era Lena, the two roommates end up being the perfect complement to each other. As the only one in modern day to know Lena's secret, Ines helps steer Lena through the minefield that is social media, current faux pas, and modern teenage romance. And there's a lot of romance to go around. Left behind in 1905 is her true love and soul mate, Henri. The two were planning to run off together when Lena entered the time portal. The two pine for each other until Lena meets Max, a gorgeous, brooding, and gifted dancer. At first, he’s secretly charmed by her naiveté. Just don't tell Thea - his girlfriend. Thea, the prima ballerina hopeful and star of the class, is threatened by Lena’s talent and with the help of "her minions" attempts to sabotage Lena at every turn. There's Dash, a technical expert. He spends hours practicing when no one is paying attention. Dash truly works harder than anyone else at the school. And he's totally in love with Ines, much to Ines' annoyance. And then there's Jeff – the class clown. He's not like the other kids. He’s a hard-core hip-hop dancer with a flair for anything unique. He lacks the ballet technique the others have from years of training. But his natural talent landed him at the Grand Prix on a dare. Now enrolled, he's going to have to master discipline if he hopes to succeed at the Ballet. Lena's never met such a diverse group of extraordinary teens in her life. It's exciting and nerve-wracking as she manages her way though love, heartache, and a coveted spot on the world stage. With the newfound freedom and modern conveniences, will she even want to go home? Will Lena survive modern day long enough to make it back to Henri and her family?

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