New Uber Eats perks with your Disney+ subscription

Get 6 months of Uber One, plus $25 off your first Uber Eats order — so you can order takeout and stay in with your favorite stories.

After 6 months, Uber One auto-renews at $9.99/mo until canceled. Offer ends August 17, 2022. Must redeem code by September 17, 2022. Valid for existing U.S. Disney+ subscribers who are new Uber One members. Additional terms apply.

Exclusive benefits, on demand with Uber One

Uber One: One membership to save on Uber and Uber Eats

• Unlimited $0 Delivery Fee on eligible Uber Eats orders
• 5-10% off eligible Uber rides and Uber Eats orders including pickup orders
• Top rated drivers on Uber rides
• Member-only perks and promotions

Frequently Asked Questions

Uber One is a subscription option which gives access to benefits on Uber services such as savings on rides and orders. There are monthly memberships available for $9.99 and annual memberships at $99.99.

Uber One members receive a $0 Delivery Fee plus 5%-10% off eligible orders on restaurants and stores marked with the Uber One icon. Other fees, including a service fee, and taxes may still apply.

With the Uber One Promise on eligible deliveries, members will receive $5 in Uber Cash if our Latest Arrival estimate – shown after you place your order – is wrong.

They’ll also get most rides at a 5% discount. The 5% discount will not apply to rides booked 30 minutes or more in advance.

Learn more about Uber One.

Offer valid in the U.S. only, for eligible current Disney+ subscribers in good standing who have not previously been an Uber One or Eats Pass member and have not previously received a free or discounted trial of Uber Eats Pass or Uber One.

You must enter the e-mail address that is associated with your Disney+ account in order to verify your eligibility for this offer.

You must also have an active Uber account and the Uber app to claim this offer. You can download the Uber app from your app store, and you will then be immediately prompted to set up your Uber account in the Uber app.

Disney+ subscribers can enter their email address above to receive this offer. Once we confirm that you are eligible, you’ll receive an email at that address containing your offer.

Steps to redeem this offer will be included in the email along with your link to redeem your offer.

Please allow up to 36 hours to receive the email. If you didn’t receive an email within 36 hours, it is likely because the email entered was not found to be associated with an existing Disney+ account in good standing, or it may have been misspelled. Please make sure the email entered matches exactly to the email associated with your currently active Disney+ account.

The Uber One Promise is a benefit Uber One members receive on eligible orders. Look for the gold Uber One icon underneath the restaurant name on the Uber Eats platform to determine if the order is eligible. On eligible deliveries, subscribers will receive $5 in Uber Cash if our Latest Arrival Estimate of a completed order was wrong. The Latest Arrival Estimate is shown after you place your order.

Two times are displayed after your order is placed:

• Estimated Time of Delivery - Earliest expected time that your order will be delivered. This time may adjust during your order due to external factors, such as weather, courier availability, restaurant prep time, etc.

• Latest Arrival Estimate - Best estimate for your order based on previous and similar orders. We do our best, but it may not be correct 100% of the time. This time does not change throughout the order delivery. It is calculated and displayed after your order has been confirmed. The estimated time of delivery shown before an order is placed do not count for the purposes of the Uber One Promise.

Subscribers whose completed order arrived after the Latest Arrival Estimate will receive $5 in Uber Cash. But Subscriber whose orders arrive before the Latest Arrival Estimate will not receive $5 in Uber Cash under the Uber One Promise.

As a reminder, users can cancel without charge once the order is placed and they see the Latest Arrival estimate, if they do so within 5 mins and before the merchant begins fulfilling the order.

Benefits available only for eligible stores marked with the Uber One icon. $15 minimum order to receive $0 Delivery Fee and 5%-10% off from participating non-grocery stores, and $30 minimum on participating grocery stores for $0 Delivery Fee, where grocery is available. 5%-10% off doesn’t apply to grocery orders. Uber One discounts are not available for rides booked 30 minutes or more in advance or for shared rides.

You can cancel your membership in the app up to 48 hours before your next scheduled payment to avoid further charges.

To cancel your membership in the Uber app:

1. Tap the account icon.
2. Tap “Uber One.”
3. Scroll and tap “Manage Membership.”
4. Select “End Membership” and then “Leave Uber One” to cancel your membership.

After canceling your membership, you’ll have access to your membership benefits until the end of the current billing period.

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