The Squad: Home Run
The Squad: Home Run
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20231 小时 33 分钟

Former legend of The Squad, Niels Cartier finally finds traces of the robber gang responsible for the death of his wife eight years earlier. To stop them, he must team up with an unexpected partner: Charlotte-Serge, his fourteen-year-old daughter, who is even more of a daredevil than her father.

The Squad: Home Run

Former legend of The Squad, Niels Cartier, known for his brutal and unconventional methods, left the police force after his wife died during an intervention gone wrong. When the robber gang that killed his wife reappears eight years later, Niels will not let anyone stand in his way to get revenge. To succeed, he'll have to take it upon himself and form an explosive team with Charlotte-Serge, his spunky fourteen-year-old daughter.

Some flashing lights sequences or patterns may affect photosensitive viewers.

时长:1 小时 33 分钟
导演:Benjamin Rocher
主演:Alban LenoirCassiopée MayanceSofia EssaïdiJean RenoStefi CelmaJean-Toussaint Bernard


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