Macross Delta: Passionate Walküre
Macross Delta: Passionate Walküre
M18Closed Captions
20181 小时 59 分钟

The year is 2067. Vár Syndrome, a strange disease that causes humans to go berserk, rages in the galaxy. Only the voices of Tactical Sound Unit Walküre can quell the disease. Freyja Wion leaves her hometown to join Walküre, is chosen as its newest member, and begins to sing with them.

Macross Delta: Passionate Walküre

The year is 2067. In the Brísingr Globular Cluster, Vár Syndrome, a strange disease that causes people to turn violent, is raging. The only thing that can subdue the Vár is the voices of Walküre, a Tactical Sound Unit. Freyja Wion, a young girl who wants to sing with Walküre, leaves her hometown with determination to join Walküre. When Freyja accidentally gets caught up in a riot caused by a Vár outbreak, she uses her singing voice to quell the violence, and is selected as a new member of Walküre. Overcoming setbacks, she begins her quest, but becomes embroiled in a battle between opposing forces over the ruins of Protoculture. Freyja and Walküre find themselves in a tight spot. However, the power of their belief in their songs will eventually bring about a miracle in the galaxy.

Some flashing lights sequences or patterns may affect photosensitive viewers.

时长:1 小时 59 分钟
主演:Yuma UchidaMinori SuzukiAsami SetoAmi KoshimizuKiyono YasunoNao Toyama


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