My School Mate, The Barbarian
My School Mate, The Barbarian
20011 小时 29 分钟

A misspelt e-mail from Edward’s mother to her assistant gets Edward enrolled in the low level, anti-triad TBS College, which traditionally uses fists to solve problems. Stone is the “King of the Individual Fight” and an idol to the girls, being unbeaten in the “25 tables high” contest.

My School Mate, The Barbarian

After an unexplained absence of nine months, Stone returns to find his title claimed by “Mantis” (Samuel Pang), a sadistic and cruel fighter. Stone, the returnee, is a gentler character and despite provocation, refuses to fight. In this environment, the relatively refined and higher educated Edward has problems surviving but Seven (Ken Chung) and Ah Fung help him settle in. Edward is a pacifist and does not believe that violence can solve problems. Despite having no fighting experience, Edward finally has to fight Mantis and asks Stone to teach him fighting techniques so that he can protect himself. In return, Edward helps Stone prepare for the exams and eventually, Edward, Stone, Ah Fung and Seven become friends.

时长:1 小时 29 分钟
导演:Wong JingBilly Chung
主演:Nicholas TseStephen FungJoey YungKen ChungSamuel Pang


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