The Emirates From Above
The Emirates From Above
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Stunning aerial exploration of The Emirates revealing its rich heritage and modern-day stories shaping its future, all from a brand-new perspective.

The Emirates From Above

A spectacular aerial exploration of The Emirates charting the nation’s extraordinary transformation over the past 50 years. Exclusive access and a brand-new perspective reveal the country’s rich heritage and pioneering modern-day stories shaping its future. From the recording-breaking architecture of the Dubai Frame to the revolutionary agriculture at the world’s largest camel farm, it is the land of extremes like you’ve never seen it before.

时长:44 分钟
导演:Johnny Shipley
主演:Jeremy Irons


  • thumbnail - 洞穴救援行动
  • thumbnail - 消失的女飞行员
  • thumbnail - 点燃希望
  • thumbnail - 火山挚恋
  • thumbnail - 珍古德的传奇一生
  • thumbnail - 泛滥奇观
  • thumbnail - 古埃及宝藏守护者
  • thumbnail - 《雪崩余生》