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20231 季

K-pop fan Andrea forms her own cover dance group after being kicked out of her previous group. She then must decide between becoming a dentist or following her true dream: to prepare to be a professional singer in the same place that all her idols did: Korea. Her sister Pau keeps an eye on her while directing a documentary about her adventures.


Film student Pau is making a documentary about her sister Andrea, a K-pop fan. Their parents want Andrea to be a dentist like them and to have a stable job and a normal life. She wants to dedicate all of her time to her new cover dance group. But Andrea has another dream that she keeps secret: she wants to be a singer and dedicate her life to music. She wants to prepare herself in Korea, just like her idols. There are many points against it: she is no longer the ideal age, she does not know if she has the necessary talent and she is not Korean. But thanks to the documentary, her group, an unexpected love interest, and a run-in with a famous actor, she'll find the confidence to pursue her dream.

时长:30 分钟
第 1 季分级:第 1 季分级
主演:Andrea De AlbaIsanAlicia JazizJi MoonArantza RuizJuan Fonsalido


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