20231 季

An emblematic Buenos Aires dandy, who barely has enough resources to keep up with his wealthy lifestyle, loses his housekeeper, who has helped him for the last forty years. While training a potential substitute, a young Paraguayan woman, he discovers that the girl has more to teach than to learn, confronting him with the unprecedented adventure of learning to live by himself.


An emblematic Buenos Aires dandy, a sophisticated and provocative gastronomic critic, has lived for decades with a housekeeper who takes care of everything for him, from cleaning the house to his most private affairs. But an unexpected twist of fate leaves him alone and leads him to realize that he really can't do anything without help. When an inexperienced and naive girl from the countryside of Paraguay shows up looking for a job, he must decide between hiring her, and teaching her all of his quirks, or trying to live by himself. This clash of cultures and generations will lead to unusual and tender situations that will teach both of them.

第 1 季分级:第 1 季分级
创作人: Gastón DupratMariano Cohn
主演:Luis BrandoniMaría Rosa FugazotMajo CabreraSilvia KutikaEnrique PiñeyroRobert De Niro