Past Lies
Past Lies
20241 季

“Past Lies” tells the story of a group of women whose stable, successful lives are suddenly shaken when remains of one of their high school classmates, who disappeared during their senior year trip to Mallorca twenty-five years earlier, turn up.

Past Lies

Mortal remains are found in a cave in Mallorca and lead Inspector Paula Ríos from the Elda police station to the island. The remains belong to her older sister Mati, who disappeared during a senior year trip twenty-five years earlier. Meanwhile, Mati’s group of friends from her senior year in high school get together for a reunion in light of Rita's return. Rita has been a prestigious film director in London for twenty-five years. The nostalgic atmosphere is interrupted when Inspector Ríos shows up to inform them of the discovery. After twenty-five years, none of them has been able to forget that mysterious disappearance.

Some flashing lights sequences or patterns may affect photosensitive viewers.

第 1 季分级:R21
主演:Elena AnayaBelén CuestaIrene EscolarMarta EturaItziar AtienzaAna Rayo