The Lions of Sicily
The Lions of Sicily
20231 季

Brothers Paolo and Ignazio Florio leave Calabria for Palermo, where they open an apothecary. Paolo’s son, Vincenzo, driven by ambition, transforms it into a business empire. As he works to establish the Florio family’s name, his love for Giulia causes him to sacrifice his aspirations of nobility.

The Lions of Sicily

Brothers Paolo and Ignazio Florio leave Calabria’s poverty-stricken Bagnara Calabra for Palermo, where they open an apothecary and quickly become wealthy. However, Paolo’s son, Vincenzo, transforms the Florio family into a bona fide business empire during the years leading up to the Unification of Italy. Driven by a burning desire to succeed, he aspires to be treated as an equal by the nobility of Palermo, a quest that requires him to marry an aristocrat. However, he falls madly in love with middle-class Giulia Portalupi and sacrifices his desires for nobility. This tasks their only son, Ignazio, with upholding the Florio name.

Some flashing lights sequences or patterns may affect photosensitive viewers.

第 1 季分级:第 1 季分级
主演:Michele RiondinoMiriam LeoneDonatella FinocchiaroEduardo ScarpettaVinicio MarchioniEster Pantano