The Worst of Evil
The Worst of Evil
20231 季

In 1995, an investigation begins to dismantle the drug cartels of Korea, China, and Japan. Countryside detective Junmo goes undercover within the rising Gangnam Union, unaware of the complex relationship between his wife and the gang's boss. Their intertwined fates lead to the worst of scenarios.

The Worst of Evil

In 1995, Korea and Japan team up in a joint investigation to dismantle the illicit drug trade flowing from Korea to Japan. Junmo, a countryside detective, courageously ventures undercover into the rising evil gang, Gangnam Cartel, seeking a special promotion. Little did he know that he was walking into the complex relationship between his wife, Euijeong, and Kicheol, the boss of Gangnam Cartel. Caught in the inescapable web of fate, Junmo’s anxiety increases. He must dig deeper and move faster to unravel the truth. Can they ever return to their normal lives once the mission is complete? Who will have the last laugh in this game and who is the worst of evil?

Some flashing lights sequences or patterns may affect photosensitive viewers.

第 1 季分级:第 1 季分级
创作人: Park HoshikHan Jaeduk
主演:Ji ChangwookWi HajunLim SemiKim HyoungseoIm SeongjaeCha Raehyeong


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