Their Stories
Their Stories
20231 季

Due to a legal matter, Isabel and her daughter Ana Rosa are forced to live in the house of their former housekeeper, Marta, and her daughter Ana Jasmim. The new coexistence transforms everyone's lives, bringing up issues from the past. Meanwhile, Marta's relationship with a loan shark is affected, causing serious consequences.

Their Stories

Isabel learns that her husband used her as a front person in a corruption scheme and has to serve house arrest with her daughter at her former housekeeper Marta's home. Marta now owns a small take-out business. Her daughter Ana Jasmim helps at the company and dreams of studying fashion. Isabel's arrival with her daughter Ana Rosa at Marta's house creates tension in relationships and stirs up unresolved issues from the past. Forced coexistence makes mothers and daughters rethink their relationships and find new roles. Meanwhile, the house lives under the constant threat of a loan shark.

Some flashing lights sequences or patterns may affect photosensitive viewers.

第 1 季分级:第 1 季分级
主演:Cris ViannaLetícia SpillerEmma AraujoBia Arantes