De Worsten van Babel On Tour
De Worsten van Babel On Tour
ALClosed Captions
20171 season

Friends Hugo, Jasper and Marius, better known as 'De Worsten van Babel’ made a reservation in an exclusive restaurant: Mugaritz owned by chef Andoni Aduriz. With almost no money to get there and little time they have to cook their way to get to their table in time … will they make it?

De Worsten van Babel On Tour

The Sausages of Babel have taken up the challenge to travel without any money, while cooking and doing chores, and arrive to their final goal in Spain: a reservation in one of the best restaurants in the world: Mugaritz from chef Andoni Aduriz. There are two things that are certain: they have a food truck to travel through Europe and they have a reservation in the restaurant. On the way they discover the local culture and accompanying dishes. To earn money for their trip, they cook and work for the locals in the places they visit: on the street, with private dinners, at markets, at a camping BBQ, and at a birthday. They have to do everything they can to earn money and petrol. In order to know what the locals like, it is important to look for beautiful ingredients and recipes. Will they be able to make the journey within time?

Release date:2017
Series Rating:AL
Season 1 Rating:AL
Starring:Hugo KennisMarius GottliebJasper Gottlieb

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