De Worsten van Babel op de Camping
De Worsten van Babel op de Camping
ALClosed Captions
20171 season

With their caravan, The Sausages of Babel drive throughout the Netherlands in search of the best campsites. Once they arrive they enthusiastically look for the most striking camping guests who they ask to help organize a culinary party. The rule for the men is that they can only use the ingredients that are already present on the campsite.

De Worsten van Babel op de Camping

The Sausages of Babel are traveling into the country to show that camping cooking doesn't have to be boring. Every week the boys drive their caravan to the most diverse campsites where they look for ingredients for their evening meal. When they have collected enough ingredients, they get to work to create an original and tasty camping meal. The Sausages collect the ingredients for a dish from the guests at each campsite in exchange for a place at the table.

Release date:2017
Series Rating:AL
Season 1 Rating:AL
Starring:Hugo KennisMarius GottliebJasper Gottlieb

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