Dashing Through the Snow
Dashing Through the Snow
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20231h 30m

Eddie Garrick is a good-hearted man who has lost his belief in the wonder of Christmas. While spending time with his nine-year-old daughter Charlotte on Christmas Eve, he befriends a mysterious man in a red suit named Nick.

Dashing Through the Snow

A hilarious and touching story about an Atlanta social worker’s Christmas Eve journey with his daughter that helps him to remember the joy and magic of the yuletide season.

Eddie Garrick is a good-hearted man who has turned his back on Christmas due to a traumatic childhood experience. At the request of his wife Allison, Eddie, who is a social worker, takes their nine-year-old daughter Charlotte to work with him on Christmas Eve, where they meet a mysterious man in a red suit named Nick. Eddie thinks the man is delusional and needs professional help, but when he evokes the wrath of a local politician, he and Charlotte are taken on a magical adventure that just might restore his faith in Christmas.

Duration:1h 30m
Release Date:2023
Director:Tim Story
Starring:Lil Rel HoweryChris "Ludacris" BridgesTeyonah ParrisOscar NuñezMadison Skye ValidumMary Lynn Rajskub

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