The exciting adventures of the Ewoks continue as the heroic Wicket and his young friend Cindel escape the evil Marauders with the help of their new allies, the gruff hermit Noa and his swift-footed sidekick, Teek.

Star Wars Vintage: Ewoks: The Battle for Endor

An army of evil Marauders, led by the towering King Terak and his cunning companion witch, Charal, attack the Ewok village and capture many of the Ewoks. Wicket and young Cindel manage to evade capture and escape into the forest where they encounter a mischievous furry creature named “Teek,” who leads them to a seemingly abandoned home belonging to Noa, a grouchy old hermit. When the Marauders strike again, they capture Cindel, so Noa, Wicket and Teek must rush to save the girl and the Ewoks from the dark fortress of King Terak.

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