When a group of young Jewish basketballers find their team in a slump, they call upon former college basketball star Lamont Carr to help. As the boys go between the court and the classroom, they begin drawing parallels to Lamont's background and the Chanukah story of Judah. Believing that they have some heavenly help on their side, the team must prepare to be the David in a tournament of Goliaths.

Full-Court Miracle

The life of Lamont Carr inspired this cross-cultural, spiritual story of an African-American former college basketball star who is convinced by a group of Jewish school boys to coach their winless basketball team. The boys are also studying the miraculous Chanukah story of Judah and the Maccabees and, finding similarities between Lamont and Judah, they become convinced that he is an incarnation of the Jewish hero. The importance of perseverance, teamwork, the pursuit of dreams, faith and the miracle of light are presented in a stirring and welcoming manner as the coach and young team build toward the day of the championship game.

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