Film geek Josh is looking for the subject of his new documentary when a chance meeting puts the perfect star in his sights—Dylan, his school's most popular junior. But Dylan's hopes of using the film to become Blossom Queen don't quite match with Josh's goal to make a hard-hitting exposé about popularity. Will Josh shoot the film as planned, or show Dylan as the truly interesting person she is?

Geek Charming

When Dylan (Sarah Hyland), Woodlands Academy's most popular junior, accidentally drops her expensive handbag into the mall fountain, she’s surprised when film geek Josh (Matt Prokop) retrieves it for her. Afterward, Dylan returns the favor by agreeing to be the subject of Josh's new documentary. But Dylan has another reason, too:  she hopes the film will clinch her campaign for Blossom Queen, proclaiming that winning is her only life goal. Josh, meanwhile, plans to make a hard-hitting exposé about popularity...but as he gets to know Dylan, he discovers that her real persona is more interesting than the faux facade she has created. At the last minute, Josh decides his film should introduce this awesome girl to the world, but how will Dylan react when she sees it?

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