Reading Again Graúna
Reading Again Graúna
A14Closed Captions
202452 min

The documentary reconstructs the history of Graúna, one of the most famous comic characters in Brazil during the '70s. Analyzing creator Henfil's usage of this poor, little, female blackbird to criticize the social inequities and censorship in Brazil of the time, testimonies from family and fellow cartoonists shed light into why "Reading Again Graúna" is still relevant today.

Reading Again Graúna

"Reading Again Graúna" delves deep into the cartoon character Graúna, one of the most popular in Brazil during the '70s. Tracing back the history and creation of this iconic character, this documentary explores cartoonist Henfil's vision of creating a poor, little, female blackbird to question social injustices and the censorship decreed by the Brazilian dictatorship of the time.

With testimonies from Henfil's inner circle, cartoonists, and experts, the documentary also recognizes the inspiration and representations of Zeferino and Bode Orelana, who, along with Graúna, formed the “Turma da Catinga.” Cinematic style, humor, main themes, and activism of Henfil are analyzed, while Henfil's own words come to life through archival footage, revealing unknown aspects of the character.

Duração:52 min
Data de lançamento:2024
Elenco:JaguarRenato AroeiraAndré DahmerCláudio de OliveiraGregório DuvivierBruno Mazzeo

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