20211 temporada
MistérioDramaChegada à maioridadeFicção científica

Felix is able to listen to the past on his vintage walkman. Together with his friends, he starts looking for answers regarding his mother's mysterious death, and by doing so uncovers an environmental scandal. Illegally dumped waste from the 80s is threatening their village. What does this have to do with his mother's death, and will he be able to avoid a disaster?


While hanging out by the pool with his friends, Felix makes an amazing discovery: his yellow vintage walkman picks up sounds from 1989. Felix and his friends are fascinated by the crazy, cool, and funny noises from bygone times. But, Felix also hears something disturbing. Having recently passed away unexpectedly, Felix's own mother Marijke was onto a dark secret in 1989 when she died. While searching for the truth, Felix and his friends unearth an impending environmental scandal. They wonder if it is connected, and if they can help stop an environmental disaster before it's too late.

Duração:23 min
Data de lançamento:2021
Género:MistérioDramaChegada à maioridadeFicção científica
Classificação da temporada 1:Classificação da temporada 1
Elenco:Junes CallaertArthur HermansMaja AzilaCécile EnthovenStan van SamangAnn Tuts

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