Bia is a passionate artist. She and her friends hang out at the Fundom, a meeting place where creative youngsters generate web content. As she rediscovers her passion for music, she overcomes her fears. Bia had a special connection with her sister, Helena, who died in an accident years ago… or so everyone thinks. Bia lives a great love story but a past conflict puts obstacles in the way. BIA is music, mystery and romance, all set to the fast pace of the world of social media.


BIA tells the story of a group of teens who discover, share and develop their talents in the "Fundom", a place where they gather to hang out, create and express their art in a fun-filled and casual environment. Bia Urquiza, the main character, is a 16-year-old girl with great imagination and creativity. Bia expresses her art with drawings based on the reality that surrounds her. Together with her best friends and the new friends she meets at the Fundom, Bia embarks on new adventures, falls in love, learns to overcome difficult obstacles and discovers the importance of enjoying life to the fullest and surrounding herself with family and friends. At a time in life when everyone is trying to understand who they are and what they ultimately want, Bia and her friends embark on these quests. They sing, dance, create videos and work together to fulfill their dreams. The biggest challenge ahead is figuring out what each individual really wants and once they discover it, they must learn how to pursue it while being true to themselves. Different from Laix's philosophy, a digital network where the talents are willing to do anything for more followers and fame, the Fundom group will face disappointments and fall but get back on their feet several times, guided by the principle that real success is finding happiness by being yourself. BIA is music, mystery, romance, all entwined with the rhythm of social media networks.

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