A talented and kind chef, Ling Xiaoxiao, is accepted into the delicacy role of chef in an Imperial palace thanks to the appreciative appetite of the Crown Prince, Zhu Shoukui. Set on becoming the best Imperial Chef, with the Prince's help, Ling tries to navigate the pitfalls of palace life while remaining true to her goals in the face of forbidden love.

Delicacies Destiny

This lush series centers on palace intrigue and the demands of royal palates. A Crown Prince has rejected all candidates for the job of Imperial Chef, but young chef Ling’s succulent commoners' dish wins him over. While Ling’s savory meat dishes please most royal diners, the Emperor and the Empress are vegetarians. Ling tries to handle these restrictions but is betrayed by a seething Noble Consort. Ling is also eyed with anger by the Empress, who can see that the Emperor is enchanted with her. Refusing the Crown Prince’s plea that she learn royal protocol, Ling is faced with a choice: her career or forbidden love. Some flashing lights sequences or patterns may affect photosensitive viewers.

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