Milo, Bea and Oscar are three BFFs (best fish friends) who live in a giant fish tank neighborhood located in the center of a pet shop. The three friends experience the typical challenges and triumphs as well as fish drama and fish cliques of their freshman year at Freshwater High.

Fish Hooks

Loud and crazy Milo and nerdy, nervous Oscar are brothers, and are best friends with the overly dramatic Bea. Together, they attend Freshwater High School, along with their quirky classmates, including obnoxious Clamantha. Their lives play out within the many aquariums in a pet shop, but their concerns are of the usual teenage variety – love, friendship, dating and, of course, giant lobster attacks. Coaching them through it all are their teachers, including the testosterone-addled Mr. Mussels and the more academic Mr. Bladwin.

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