Zack and Cody Martin are aboard the SS Tipton, a luxury passenger cruise liner owned by London's father. The ship cruises the world with tourists and students who attend classes at Seven Seas High.

The Suite Life On Deck

The gang from The Suite Life of Zack and Cody take to the seas in this new spin-off series. Zack, Cody, London and Mr. Moseby move from the well-appointed halls of the posh Tipton Hotel to London's father's luxurious cruise ship, the SS Tipton. At first, London thinks she’s on a cruise vacation, but soon finds out she is actually enrolled in Seven Seas High, along with Zack, Cody and new cast members Bailey and Woody. London’s father is convinced that London will have to study because she won’t be able to escape classes while she’s at sea. Moseby, along with MISS Emma Tutweiller try to keep the students focused on their studies, but Cody and Zack discover all new ways to make mischief.

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