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20231 季

Young musicians Ian, Andy, Dario, and Ciro meet by chance in a restaurant when a valuable guitar that one of them had borrowed disappears. Together, they must find a way to recover it and return it to its owner. To achieve their goal, they must become a recognized boy band in Miami, barely knowing each other.


Ian, Andy, Dario, and Ciro meet by chance during a fight in a restaurant. Soon they find themselves involved in an unexpected situation: a valuable guitar disappears and the four of them must recover it before its owner realizes that one of them had borrowed it without letting him know. To achieve this, these talented musicians will need to take over the Miami music scene and create a successful band. When personal differences and betrayals come to light, the search for a unique melody will become the common language that will keep them together.

时长:41 分钟
第 1 季分级:第 1 季分级
主演:Christopher VélezErick Brian ColónZabdiel de Jesús ColónRichard CamachoVirginia AlvarezSonya Smith


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