The Sword in the Stone
The Sword in the Stone
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19631h 20m

England is in the midst of a dark age and without a proper king. Young Wart, an orphan and squire-in-training, is content with kitchen duties in his foster home—until he drops in on the extraordinary wizard Merlin and his articulate owl, Archimedes. Can Wart become England's greatest king?

The Sword in the Stone

According to legend, only someone with honor, decency and inner strength can claim the throne of England by pulling out the enchanted sword that lies locked in a massive stone. Many brave knights have tried, so it seems impossible that a young apprentice known as Wart could succeed. But with the guidance of the wizard Merlin, help from some hilarious friends and true strength of character, Wart just might become England's greatest king. Contains tobacco depictions.

Duration:1h 20m
Release Date:1963
Director:Wolfgang Reitherman
Starring:Sebastian CabotKarl SwensonRickie SorensenJunius MatthewsGinny TylerMartha Wentworth

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