Now You See It
Now You See It
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20051h 29m
Coming of AgeFantasy

An aspiring reality television producer is on the hunt for the greatest kid magician when she meets young Danny Sinclair. But as she gets closer to him, he reveals a big secret: his magic is real!

Now You See It

Allyson Miller will do anything to make a name for herself in television, so she signs up to produce a new reality show that's searching for the world’s greatest kid magician. As she tries to find her star, she meets young Danny Sinclair, whose abilities make him one of the finalists. But as she gets closer to Danny, he reveals a secret: his magic is real!

Duration:1h 29m
Release Date:2005
Genre:Coming of AgeFantasy
Director:Duwayne Dunham
Starring:Alyson MichalkaJohnny PacarFrank LangellaBrendan HillChris OliveroGabriel Sunday

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